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Master IT-Management international

Master IT-Management international im Fernstudium

Fernstudium Master IT-Management international Almost every company in the world uses IT systems for its business processes, from production to purchasing to sales. But professional technologies are often complex and costly. The challenge is in reconciling both IT and business requirements. Whoever possesses this expertise can establish themselves as a highly sought-after expert in IT management, with knowledge that is becoming increasingly important as the digitalization process progresses.




Combine IT and business expertise, and study IT Management to graduate with the popular Master of Science degree. With the interdisciplinary technical and leadership skills you will learn from this distance learning course, you will be able to develop and implement an IT strategy tailored to business goals and processes. This degree is a prerequisites for higher civil service positions and also qualifies you to do a doctorate.


At least 6 semesters of university education in the fields of business administration, industrial engineering, engineering or natural sciences, computer science, or comparable courses of study with an overall grade of at least good. Students who have completed the Digital Leadership certificate with good grades can also be admitted – irrespective of the final grade of their undergraduate degree program. Exam results achieved in a 7- semester bachelor’s program can be credited up to a maximum of 30 Credit Points (CP), provided they are equivalent. The examination board is responsible for all admissions and crediting decisions. And Required English skills: CEFR reference level C1



ZFU-Zulassung zum Fernstudium Master IT-Management international: 166316
Lehrgangsdauer des Fernstudiums: 24 Monate
Fernstudium-Abschluß: Master of Science (M. Sc.)



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